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Browser War II (IE-Firefox-Chrome-Opera-Safari free-for-all)

Welcome to the Browser Wars Wiki

This wiki shows the history of internet browser rivalries, specifically Internet Explorer (IE) and Netscape in Browser War I (BWI) and IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera in Browser War II (BWII). You can help me out with this if you know anything about the Browser Wars.

Before the Browser Wars

The Internet became available to a public audience in the early 1990s when CERN employees launched the WorldWideWeb browser, (later renamed to Nexus). That action kick-started the creation of other web browsers, most of which didn't last long in the market. However, Mosaic (a browser launched in January 1993) gained enough market share to provide enough momentum for the Browser Wars, not by involving itself in it as a competitor, but by having a spin-off browser by the name of Netscape spawn off of Mosaic's success and dominate the market where Mosaic left off. As Mosaic left the market, Internet Explorer (IE) entered as a challenger to Netscape's crown, and thus the first browser war began.

Browser War I

With Internet Explorer challenging Netscape, Netscape held victory at first, but steadily lost its grip as the years progressed...

Netscape vs Internet Explorer

Browser War II

After Internet Explorer won the first Browser War, other browsers began to challenge IE. As of 2013, Google Chrome has rivaled IE in market share, with Firefox close behind.

Internet Explorer vs Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari

Known Web Browsers

Browser Timeline

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