Opera 2 was the first publicly released version of the Opera web browser. At this point, users had to pay a fee to obtain an Opera liscence after the trial period had expired. Opera 2 included such features as an SMPT client, HTML 3, zoom, and support for multiple graphics formats, among others.

Opera 2.0Edit

Opera 2.0 was released on April 22, 1996. It added a NNTP and a SMPT client. It was not released publicly.

Opera 2.10b1 was released in September 1996. It was a beta release.

Opera 2.10b2 was released in October 1996. It was a beta release.

Opera 2.10b3 was released in November 1996. It was a beta release.

Opera 2.10Edit

Opera 2.10 was released on December 9, 1996. It added:

  • Zoom: proportional full page scaling from 20% to 1000%
  • New keyboard shortcuts
  • Support for HTML 3.0
  • Sessions: save, open, insert and restore sessions
  • Frames capabilites
  • Loads local and external web pages

Opera 2.12Edit

Opera 2.12 was released on Febuary 12, 1997. It added:

  • Block referrer information
  • Empty cache on exit
  • Launch sounds at startup, page load, and exit
  • Adjust actions on specific MIME types
  • Disable images, animation, or frames
  • Support for .JPG, .GIF, .XBM, .BMP, .AVI video, animated .GIF, MPEG video